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Exotic material assets: Oldtimer, carpets and Co. as investment alternative? Happiness and safe investments – Economics of happiness: long-term investments with heart and mind – Lucky charms exotic tangible assets? Remarks by Dr. Peter Riedi, EM Global Service AG, Principality of Liechtenstein in the heart of Europe.

Recipes for happiness exist like diets, but the recipe for success has not yet been found. One recipe for successful and experienced investments can be found in the bottle banking principle: „Don’t invest in barley, hops or wheat, but directly in beer crates and thus in returns with immediate effect: earn 4.5 percent as soon as the returnable bottles have been redeemed. Another advantage: relatively theft-proof, because what thief can safely, quietly and quickly move around with thousands of deposit bottles to make it worthwhile?

Investments in „alternative investments“ such as carpets, whisky, vintage cars – material investments, also suitable as long-term value investments?

Interest in rare malts has grown, and with it the value of these fine beverages. Some rarities have increased in value by a factor of five to ten in recent years. Old bottlings have become real rarities, as even good twelve-year-old varieties are rare and sought-after. Particularly expensive bottles are usually stored for over thirty years. Rarities like the Glenfiddich 1937 Rare Collection cost around 20,000 euros.

Vintage cars as an investment

Vintage Car / Pixabay
Vintage Car / Pixabay

The trade in classic cars is booming. Around 400,000 classic cars are currently registered in Germany, and the trend is rising. However, prices have stagnated in recent years. In the long term, classic cars continue to be interesting as an investment. Sales employee of the EM global service AG Mr. Ulrich Bock gives to consider that with the evaluation apart from the year of manufacture and the mileage above all the care and preservation condition of the vehicle are relevant.

Perfumes – memories and dreams with yield potential

Anyone who owns a rare perfume can look forward to handsome increases in value – but a lot of patience is needed to find a suitable buyer. Worldwide, there are only a maximum of 200 serious buyers on the investment market for perfumes. Investors are not only interested in the fragrances themselves, but also in the scent containers. Prices for many flacons have doubled in the past ten to 15 years. The preservation of the packaging is equally necessary, because it has a sentimental value and higher prices are achieved for flacons in original packaging.

The white gold – limited edition manufactory

Porcelain is considered a suitable investment product only in exceptional cases. Manufactory tableware, which is unique in terms of craftsmanship, fetches top prices, as do unique pieces and limited editions. Increases in value have been observed in recent years especially for porcelain from the 18th and 19th centuries, original designs and porcelain with prominent previous owners or from famous collections.

Changing times and tastes: the flying carpet

Carpets / Pixabay
Carpets / Pixabay

Good carpets fetch four-figure or even five-figure sums. Antique carpets are individually valued in its group, color, preservation, pile and other details and these ultimately determine the price. Even carpet fragments are currently achieving top prices. The market for oriental carpets is strongly subject to fashion tastes, so that forecasts about future returns are hardly possible.

Conclusion: Investment linked with luck: What is luck? What brings happiness? How does happiness feel?

So-called happiness economists, see it as follows: „Invest in intangible experiences. Because the car loses value or the neighbor buys a bigger one. But a trip around the world becomes more beautiful the longer it lasts. The material disappears or is taken away, stolen or the times change, what then remains of happiness? Memories and feelings anchored in the heart and memory count as a solid investment, considered great happiness.“

Gold, silver, platinum and palladium in foreign storage – real values, safe and VAT-free.

„Buon vivir“ (or called good living) as well as investments in education are sensible concepts. Who has then still energy and funds freely, could think about an investment with the EM Global Service AG in the heart in Europe,. „The Principality of Liechtenstein has been a member of the European Economic Area (EEA) since May 1, 1995, and participates in the EU internal market, but is not part of the European Union. The provider EM Global Service AG follows an economic approach,“ explains sales representative Ulrich Bock.

Dr. Peter Riedi, economist and precious metals expert comments: „EM Global Service AG was founded in 2010 in the heart of Europe. The acting persons had already been engaged in precious metal concepts since 2007. At that time, our clients were mainly invested in stocks but the approaching financial crisis steered our focus to asset protection by investing in precious metals.“

The company’s concept consists of: Buy – Store – Hedge. Every EM Global Service AG customer buys their precious metals at a price otherwise reserved for wholesalers. The company stores the customer’s property in a Liechtenstein high-security vault facility and profits from the advantage of VAT-free third-party storage. The economic success proves the company right.


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