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Did you know you can subscribe to YouTube channels and playlist in Inoreader? Simply paste the URL of the channel or playlist, and Inoreader will automatically generate an RSS feed for that.

However, if you are subscribed to hundreds of channels on YouTube, until now, it was a frustrating experience to keep them synchronized with your Inoreader subscriptions. Not anymore!

Today, we are launching our new feature that will help you achieve that effortlessly. To begin, just open Inoreader’s Preferences and go to Share, Save & Login section. Scroll down to YouTube and simply connect your account. Inoreader will automatically create a folder called YouTube Subscriptions, and you will find all your YouTube channels automatically subscribed there.

Now, whenever you subscribe to some new channel directly on YouTube, It will be automatically added to your Inoreader too. Unsubscribed channels will also be removed from your Inoreader.

Because of the very strict YouTube Data API quota limits, this happens only a few times per day, so you might need to wait a few hours for the automated process. For the same reason, this feature is available in our Pro plan only.

If you struggle to keep your YouTube in sync with your RSS reader, this could be your solution.

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