Büroimmobilien: Ein Investment mit Zukunft trotzt Corona?

Büroimmobilien / Pixabay

Ausblick Herbst und Winter: Stürmische Zeiten, Investitionen in Betongold? Herausforderungen Immobilienmarkt und die Frage nach Sicherheit und Beständigkeit – von Oliwer Mikus, Unternehmer Sedulus Personalvermittlung, München Zwei Menschen bauen ein Haus. Der eine wählt einen sandigen Untergrund, es ist einfach und schnell gebaut, das Haus steht. Der andere sucht, prüft und entscheidet sich für einen […]

Rules And Filters Are Now Available On Inoreader For Android and iOS

Rules and Filters are some of the best features for power users Inoreader offers. They allow you to go beyond using RSS for just content consumption. But they were only available on our web version until now. Today we are releasing version Inoreader 6.4 for Android and iOS with support for Rules and Filters. You […]

Keep Your YouTube Subscriptions in Sync With Inoreader


Did you know you can subscribe to YouTube channels and playlist in Inoreader? Simply paste the URL of the channel or playlist, and Inoreader will automatically generate an RSS feed for that. However, if you are subscribed to hundreds of channels on YouTube, until now, it was a frustrating experience to keep them synchronized with […]

Convert Almost Any Webpage Into RSS Feed With Inoreader’s Web Feeds


So, you wanted to follow this nice website for new content, but it doesn’t have an RSS feed yet? Don’t worry, because Inoreader got you covered, again! Introducing Web feeds Whenever you see a web page with a series of updates, be it news articles, blog posts, classifieds, product updates, weather alerts, practically any series […]

Become An Active Reader With Notes & Annotations


Ever stumbled upon a great quote in an article and wanted to save just that? Or you needed to set a bookmark somewhere in a very long article so you can quickly get back to it later? Or maybe you just wanted to write something short about why this article is relevant to you when […]

Win The Clone Wars With Duplicate Filters


When you subscribe to multiple feeds covering the same topic, it’s often the case to see duplicates or near-duplicates in your feed. Usually, it becomes immediately obvious when you read your feeds within a folder. Consider the following case with two feeds from Ars Technica posting the same story: You can quickly spot those two […]